Rod Warranty Registration
The Scott Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original owner and must be registered within 
30 days of purchase. 

Your rod model is written underneath or to the side of the Scott signature and on the cap of your case. The model is alphanumeric, beginning with a letter. The serial number of your rod is a six digit number located on the butt section of your rod (opposite the Scott inscription) and on the cap of your case. 

In the example below, the model is S4 855/4. The serial number is written on the blank opposite the side shown.

Rod Information
Series *:
Serial #*:
Date Purchased*:
Purchased From*:
Owner Information
We hate spam as much as you do. We won't ever resell or share your contact information. 
This information is used to verify warranty eligibility or to contact you in the event that 
your rod is found.
First Name*:
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